Fine dining Experience

Fine dining dishes, cooking in front of guests, great wines with a menu of your choice?

Sounds good, right?

If you want a unique gourmet experience, the Amfiteatar restaurant offers you that option.

Although we have several pre-made tasting menus (3-6 courses), guests can contact us with their wishes.

Prices start from 70 euros per person, and the most exclusive one was a 6-course dinner, 200 euros per person.

The offer consists of meat, fish and vegan specialties, and Istrian, Mediterranean Italian, French and Asian cuisine can be represented.

Fine dining experiences
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How to Book

Fine dining - lunch or dinner

Choose from one of our pre-made courses or we can make dishes and courses according to your wishes.

You can contact us by phone or email for all inquiries and reservations for a fine dining experience.

Your Chef

The head chef is Deniz Zembo, a person who ran a restaurant in London, cooked for the Vatican and presidential delegations and brought molecular gastronomy to Croatia.

People love him for his approachability and sense of humor.

He will do his best to make your FINE DINING experience unforgettable.